Dick Bruna

Wow! The Society have consistently loved anything Miffy and adore Bruna’s children’s lit illustrations and character design but I am so pleased we stumbled on this fascinating article from iconofgraphics.com whilst hunting down some of his Black Bears pocket series book art and alternative cover artworks. Fascinating! Well, a big thank you Dick Bruna, for taking more pleasure in drawing than in business, or we would never have the pleasure of gathering these treasuresretro_europe_thumb 122aee0b1658cac2e2824e76c8c16656 dick_bruna_zwartebeertjes9 4466407_624 dick_bruna_cookbook2 dick_bruna_zwartebeertjes4 7474330982_349eb4c7b3 ddcfbfd85fc821240f2c66d8bfcc0acd 0740b 7474593330_b375d6e6f1 Dick-Bruna-Asimov dick_bruna_havank3 dick_bruna_cookbook1 dick_bruna_zwartebeertjes_desaint1 $(KGrHqV,!n8E63WLpC6PBOzIB8yN+!~~60_35 dick_bruna_havank2 bruna-stilleverklikker images-1 Dick-Bruna-chez-loulou il_340x270.519984070_pm9s dick_bruna_8 images Dick-Bruna-de-Clercq

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