Ashley Goldberg

Portland girl Ashley Goldberg, the Society would like to share their appreciation for Ashley’s portraits, surface pattern design and illustration. She has designed for, and collaborated with leading brands such as Urban Outfitters, The Land of Nod, Chronicle books. As well as making appearances in The New York Times, Dwell, and Apartment Therapy. Her work can be viewed and purchased on Etsy here il_570xN.250852414 il_570xN.182619439 7b6cef34708fb7c01db339167dbe44f4 il_570xN.190531573 il_570xN.195995247 e544d4d7b3ada1ad511ec1cf686411b5 5e6cad42e524e274ec50f9e8c814e0a8 c6d769f450cfe06e7c1d2a8367353108 tumblr_n15y1xUQnI1qe0yxlo1_1280 b28a19c45422c95528b35bb79ded6e58 ashleyg3 dcb8605711c0817bc16be9bcb9d7ea83 il_570xN.280484767 il_570xN.195136049 e4df0bd586342c6f88d33f8efb97be85 71406961548948fe18093ab7d828bc5c il_570xN.286757119 il_570xN.185322167 il_570xN.399388267_t2zm 27527acef805a3841333059214f24860 il_570xN.471378545_mgta fbbb1d98b6dfe4bb53ef551ac2696f2f 215561190915eb9b15985d9e8a0a48bc d8b368ad76216272fc83965083e82855 86771fbada0d3e36c15321d50ecbd534 il_570xN.286756997 dc0652340ebeb5d3569967b7dc7a4a82 il_570xN.286882994 il_570xN.259726951

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