Vintage Nestlé Easter Egg Packaging

Many thanks to Society favourite; the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, for bringing us this glimpse back at some of the packaging illustration displayed on our favourite Nestlé eggs through the decades. This brought back a few memories in the office today, enjoy the full gallery of images here. This is a snapshot of some of our favourites. Enjoy17008079355_46cfb263a6_o17006682272_714131e1ec_o 16385690184_36b8ec9f05_o 16800702787_2effa6158a_o 16982111266_6679b40290_o 16820359368_ba9795d53c_o 17008056525_44cd866a78_o 17007210091_2f3c2618ed_o 16982109536_0e5885dd47_o 16387958283_32f55a75a9_o 16982078876_df0d809c65_o 16387959733_702c0259ec_o 17007210481_6ba25dbded_o 16387969703_e745ff2fe8_o 16800702267_b22af638dc_o 17008100425_a6e7f70f5e_o 17007214651_ac7e19ac78_o 16821856829_9b6b82710b_o 17008097225_93f698f524_o 16800691247_0abd6dfcbe_o 16800701077_9838877a27_o 16820594750_519a86fb3e_o 16800699637_2e46cece0e_o 16387946663_c0b5635389_o16387956493_656f51f3b7_k 16387946663_c0b5635389_o 16385690184_36b8ec9f05_o

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