Ellen Giggenbach

My passion: to paint and cut paper, to brighten your world, to bring you a little joy, to make you smile. I love what I do, I do what I love! what more can I say!

– Ellen Giggenbach

…No need to say more, we love what you do too. Let’s share some of our Society favourites. We’ve also just purchased Ellen’s ‘My Town‘ paper craft book for the Society office so we can continue to appreciate moreil_570xN.294663853 il_570xN.330377228 il_570xN.338866639 il_570xN.330242711 il_570xN.263326430 il_570xN.693530993_a84v 3786350_orig il_570xN.321605954 il_570xN.678285018_6cpe il_570xN.461151168_o2ob il_570xN.751845336_rd3r il_570xN.461197232_11wc il_570xN.608593436_3nw0 il_570xN.723721770_jjr9 il_570xN.450117361_hp57

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