Josef Hoffmann Textiles

Discovered under centimetres of dust in a cupboard of an empty office building, Josef Hoffmann’s stunning fabric designs for the Wiener Werkstatte. Reproduced today by the Backhausen mill, they can still be purchased today. Hard to believe these designs are over 100 years old. Here’s a sample of our favouritesd9dd27937dbfb00399a5aaa435814040 josef-hoffman-adler-1910-fabric-sample1 9e3158c91bcdfe95541510cd9fa7b466 1e03f7ff2418951651d87742c22ed9f8 BEEHIVE tumblr_mld78nLjEB1rpgpe2o1_540 57fe0a1d862e82abf48887d784df0341 ba0c041baf4633eeb6a5c4ae95bcc9cf c073e5dfcb1ad3b3ac0addaeb4641d72 9fe075af1837e8c1828393a3f2bd9df9 461160001_detail 5b9995b3c3e7ac53b5ea4d1339b8e14e

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