Virginie Morgand

Paris based Artist, Virginie Morgand. We feel an affinity with Virginie, she has a background in animation, as do we. Our mutual appreciation for mid century children’s lit art, and traditional printing styles can be clearly read from her work. Might explain why we are so in love with her images. Here are but a few. See more of her work herefec47a1878d378c201d9ef453d81aa7061fc6d91cb04da4de4806212b5d0217aaa993c17e45baf19254bff5276c4e8233366295e55c0284688a03b6738412629a3ff277369fdc80481e1e10459d864b9237a91d2ed67b434ab9529894533ff1aef41d9d0302b79cb9bd64ed8238d89dae62c7630198c5462a64dd38966aa195dda765cd13ed4fe803e48d93da1a9158e059da94e3195a3cd87a7dd4db20d49c786b36fb08437d54060706795e9251845tumblr_nlvfykLkHm1siump0o1_1280.png74da159eaaafa4b9ce57487b4b74d9ac75d87e6435dc353bcf799ddb76ac245b57a0821e19de49afb24eed6d31db44e9c009c730336ab8878c4075b2b9b3805d2ec418cb7e826c2113e301381cd8c5afd72416dd1a0f9e74c9fd925dff7ea865d72fddd859143cfd8ef11612a925963776ad046a059696efa058b3dd7cd28e48860726f5d9ff16105022c0b472cc32a76e0ba87376bdd09304007bfd540cd5fba412c8d168990414831e68966204e118

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