Melissa Chaib

What happy, fun-loving tales of youth and girlhood are told by Melissa’s images. Also very much appreciating her website1bdb2d2d9eb9237526a1d5187c9eb0f3 597b592fd8a564ca172398e9ab7dc012 e24f741ecaa78ae44356a776ad9cfbea dcec5c20192fa07eb2efb4a5e9c0903b 2a61a61c094e96fe493f14d590f444d5 a0ccf5b8a5a285bd59e662b2f985be13 MelissaChaib_6 df290a5e045ae6851b134c5ce27e94c2 MelissaChaib_8 5485e6a473d9d3c49421b96faad219d5 MelissaChaib_4 353ca5e8ab3e1ade4dd180c4daca3775 5e79c1ba55591886483d04ced884d6ab d0b175ef7a55bc3a862d40109ae28b4a MelissaChaib_1 6ec5508c5c6b81e6317814948e6d0010 6d7d0b1d70e3d5850c5ef2c44ec8952e which is a little magazine in itself. See for yourself, shop full of goodies too for anyone who would like to own a little of what they see. Enjoy!

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