Kangan Arora

Today’s Etsy find – Kangan Arora. In the words of one of her many stockists, Heal’s, no less: “One to Watch”. We can see why. From North India to North London, the influences of colourful Indian street life can be seen through her surface pattern design. See her Etsy shop here for a selection of her textile designs. Love the vibrant colours and blend of traditional print methods and embroidery. Gorgeous! And did we mention she is also a photographer? Phew. We salute you!il_570xN.421254658_18tr 622612_m2 622659_m1 all il_570xN.504924755_hypi il_570xN.607208992_iaqj il_570xN.654077674_3s21 il_570xN.688938120_tdmz il_570xN.581537104_c38i il_570xN.605483876_hxzw il_570xN.607313565_rcwp il_570xN.503624041_2jkc il_570xN.503626151_5nij

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