Laurids Lønborg

We love a challenge, and refuse to be beat. Yet on this occasion, we were finally ready to throw in the towel. In fact we even got as far as posting a blog to say we had, then straight back to update it, as we were alerted to this –

Described by many as a ‘rabbit hole’, hunting down any info on the Danish (Copenhagen, was as much as we could find) company Laurids Lønborg to understand more about their sunny 60s creations was consistently, painfully fruitless. We know that Lena and Al Eklund were responsible for the gorgeous illustrations. All of them, some of them? That we couldn’t answer. But this article is like gold dust. Congratulations to Helena Viale, author of this fine blog, for her superb detective work and her gutsy approach to contacting Eklund and finally telling their story. We salute you! Thank you

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LENA-OCH-AL-EKLUND-LAURIDS-7 LENA AL EKLUND COASTERS LENA-OCH-AL-EKLUND-LAURIDS-2 0581e895d948811b7dc6e87c7ccb88f3 47508_145085405529277_865429_n f3e6588406cdff969158a72318eb2f57 58190_145086838862467_3505361_n 6e6431bccdd216a8035f2986ccf5011c baa484a8418261b625edccce838d8f63 faba0973603df8527c8f4e0b61649d0e a14dbdc1579758f3f2f157d8be9ee18a 695bda2cd792b5291d7948766fcafc12 58190_145086845529133_3868337_n 9cf40fb0cda8db55ef9a61903c4e1d13 47508_145085412195943_1800480_n 202de4fef02aca536a2df9b1d1a5ac39 2b700568a0b0dc509ffe08a247c300df 47508_145085392195945_6735648_n 47508_145085398862611_7532120_n-1 47508_145085402195944_2413381_n 47214_145086972195787_2122465_n f7c25524378eba66a769ee34905017a5 e45a49c97a5af1bce67d517d9b8aeaae 820324a643f19e93b8e990f94934b105 59526_145087315529086_6881648_n e66d97e4877ccff487d119f6a5a42599 47508_145085388862612_4949381_n 67fcfa938749f3152fd7bdcfacf199ac 3240899d21a7d3e096ae3fbbb38b5fd1 dd8adc292ade4e8aaa6335d8cffd57c1 ad3b73e7b95db1f212040dc77bdf130d 2b9c01035ac6871a685ddebb417a2a97 8ea3e262d34856828f79dde1d9947413 54e1f78f74d097a49c5e191d35ff77d2 2f4f4da3850c93604d70c3b51a19619f 71e00eacf57e78fe3f9155f128952b8c 60ba8a66417d0fca690f9d4198989ec3 19b2709d155621553fdd4fd9b6a1bc8e 21c1acec94a557c9142f150af8343135 58190_145086832195801_4860181_n 58190_145086848862466_4297913_n 41190_145086725529145_6939106_n 8dce0d4b0d5b48ab1f63f500e7eb37ea 47508_145085395529278_1336015_n 4d30712602d913f50e7a94a23ce6417c c3ee0d4e505eb99c3a4ae5c9ba73e38c

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