Albert Aquino

Wish we could share more on the man himself, but relatively little information is available. If anyone has any background, we would love to hear more about him. Loving his children’s lit illustrations, the simple lines and colour palette, lovely characters and faces. Here’s a few of our favouritesc80c1f2d4f9f2af3f00957d0625043c4 de57094568cd101e5f7d11e2ab50d620 28316962569810c776241720b7daace2 4d9782c08277694bc456761ed9dcea5e HD-4-1 336970602821303b85caebd87f395ae5 b11b32fe88fb3414481405b834474862 515895472b8c0d3a22d4a8ea6d8719d3 fb866af068cc6bc4a32b142ad8b9b55a e6b1d75c968911b1fdc0bd052f4bb33b 51th0fIXBiL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ arty the smarty 006 d8e38c598d61649e1a51b3b7537fa4f5 182404521_1da9110089

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