Antonio Frasconi

What a legend – as inspired by comics as the he was the greats, he devoted a decade of his life and work to a series of woodcut portraits of those tortured and killed under a rightist military dictatorship in his home country, Uruguay. Lovely article from the NY Times paying tribute to this inspiring man. Here are a few of our favourites from his extensive collection of illustrations

6a00d8341c192953ef017d3f639ff0970c-800wi Sun_and_Snow_Spread lii03312 Frasconi_Self_Portrait-web See_Again_Family048 3939796027_cb9d353a07 1 antonio frasconi, see and say art.crazed FrasconiShout El-Pescador-aka-The-Fisherman-by-Antonio-Frasconi 6103165124480095 3939796253_7fe251db4e $(KGrHqJ,!hYF!sl)RwymBQcgwYpvmg~~60_3 ps_prn_610 BestiaryBestiario-poster-for-the-book-by-Pablo-Neruda-by-Antonio-Frasconi 3940575454_caae305550 $T2eC16V,!)QE9s3HFd1jBQ5JRwggLg~~60_57

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