Osborne and Woods

This week’s Etsy discovery, OsbornWoods – little store selling original prints from 60s Nevada based print makers, David Osborn and Charles Woods. Sadly many that we had discovered, once for sale here, had already sold. There are still a few left, grab them before they’re gone. We’ve already purchased one of these before it even reached the Society site. Sorry. Had to be done!il_570xN.276371695 il_570xN.276457601 b8651c209fad23e8c6a8dd9f35684b4f il_570xN.276480598 il_570xN.276481827 12dc8da29cf9811efc4705b12027260e il_570xN.276479586 il_570xN.276369447 il_570xN.276469695 il_570xN.276559300 76a90f998efc6d290474adedd53dd4c1 il_570xN.276464469 il_570xN.276391675

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