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  1. Hi !
    I stumbled across these illustrations while browsing the Internet the other day, and I was both happy and surprised to find them on several websites. These illustartions were made by my grandfather, Bjarne Løkeland, long before I was born, and although I never had the chance to meet him we share the same interest in art. I innherited most og his works and it is amazing to see others appreciate what he did! These images were created for Royal Viking Line mens.

    L. Løkeland

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    1. Oh my goodness!! What a treasure to find this note from you. Thank you so much for getting in touch with us. We could find so little on your Grandfather despite our very best efforts so to hear from one of his family gives us such great pleasure. Thank you so much!

      How lovely that you share his interest in art and design. Do you illustrate too?

      And you inherited his works? We are green with envy! In what format – do you have any of his original designs? Or do you have actual items, products etc?

      Gosh – so many questions for you, it’s hard to know where to begin…!


      1. Hi again, and a happy new year!
        I can’t say I illustrate much, but I have always enjoyed drawing – it’s also a great stress reliever!
        As of your second question, I have indeed inherited most of his works. After my uncle passed away, Grandpa’s belongings were passed on to me. I haven’t gone through everything yet, but as far as I can see there are huge amounts of all kinds of art: drawings, sketches, paintings, collages etc. I also found a couple of the illustrations you shared on the webpage: some of them seems to be finished products for example copies of the Royal Viking Line Menu. Grandpa had a lot of unfinished work as well, and it’s hard to sort sketching and brainstorming from completed art. Anyway, I find it truly exiting looking through his art 🙂 Thank you for showing so much interest! It’s amazing how far the Internet can take you


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