Ettore Vitale

This morning, among others, we are very much appreciating the graphic style of Italian visual designer, Ettore Vitale. Works spanning book art, posters, exhibitions, logos, television, catalogues, packaging…why can’t we find more of his work online? What we see, we love. We have however discovered this book showcasing his work, definitely one for our wish list. Would love to see more. Here’s a snapshot8bd4e0ddbafe953d332f3d71a4d62381 ettorevitale_04_700_525 5294171230_a1c9c77173_b 4126b1fc95788c532aa58076b141184b graphis-posteritaettore-vitale 03b0351d4d03d46414208be023527b63 ettorevitale_05_700_525 31e9c0bba791da8c474aa9698309ec2d c992c1531e274b46dbb1510f20563102

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