William Wondriska

Celebrating the works of William Wondriska. Here’s a little showcase of some images from his gorgeous books – ‘Puff‘, ‘A Long Piece of String‘, ‘The Sound of Things’ and ‘All By Myself’. Love how he combines traditional print making with photography, and the simplicity of his images and use of colour. We need some of these for our walls, too good for the bookshelf!

WON_allbymyself_int2 Wondriska_long_piece_string WW-2 suono_delle_cose_02-web long2 81ICUWyt+TL-1 suono_delle_cose_04-web William-Wondriska-03 KidsPuffRocketSmall 79151a46a8b1b6799547bc628201bd53 suono_delle_cose_043-web all_by_myself_detail_3_1
81VX5eDHC2L puff6 suono_delle_cose_023-web

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