Maureen Roffey

What can we tell you, I wish it were more! We do know she was a children’s literature Illustrator, we believe she may now reside in Brighton? She is married to Designer/Print Maker, Bernard Lodge. Their Daughter, Jo Lodge is now successful illustrator herself. We’ve scoured our usual sources but alas could find only a handful of images of her work. Can anyone direct us to more? If so, please let us know where to look! Our hunt did unearth this lovely cardboard prefab doll’s house, a tour of which features on the blog, Nashblock. Dating back to 1968, we MUST find one of these little houses. Completely in love with it!

98c64fce503d1b3e7aee882eefbe5898 3f1984c67d17dced54a4cfbf9108efb4 6d4a64875b6fe6367bdb7b3a7811fb6f 20110920_a9f515 20110920_f8d8a0 mr1 de0a3c54f48ae33d9ad073c1717ae0e5 1740-60 6655-1 LEEDM.E.1970.41.21_prv 077 IMG_6521 IMG_6515 IMG_6520 IMG_6513 IMG_6518 IMG_6514

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